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Dana Cooper

Saturday December 6, 8PM


Out of the heartland of America, stomping grounds of Truman and Twain, “powerhouse” troubadour Dana Cooper dedicated himself to a life of music over 40 years ago. This song poet engages and inspires audiences around the world with his quick wit, insightful stories and commanding presence. Cooper’s mixture of flat-picking, finger-picking and percussive strumming style is legend among other guitarists. An expressive singer his voice is ageless, evoking a rich lifetime of experience. Dana Cooper has led quite a life, from itinerate musician to art scholarship recipient, thorugh a leap-of-faith move to LA and a rock and roll career, out of music through many jobs, and eventually back to Texas. There Dana played with Shake Russel and in his own DC3 trio in the 70s and 80s. Now based in Nashville, he has built an impressive solo folk career and collaborated with many outstanding songwriters such as Tom Kimmel, Sally Barris, Kim Carnes and Don Henry. He has been invited to participate in songwriting workshops from Belfast to Copenhagen to Austin.
And he just keeps getting better, shaking up his methods, exploring new styles, avoiding categorization. His songs range from regretful to uplifting, angry to ethereal. We guarantee you'll find at least one song that speaks to your heart.

Michael McNevin

Saturday, Jan 17, 8pm


Jack Williams

Saturday, Feb 14, 8pm




Concert Info

Acoustic Concert Tours is the Dallas area's premier house concert series. Concerts are brought to you by Paul Porter, Tom Noe, and Linda Silas. Since 1992 Tom and Linda have hosted over 250 concerts in the living room of their home outside Wylie, Texas. Directions are below, or you can go see a map.

Concerts are scheduled about once each month, with some breaks in the summer. Most are on Saturday evening at 8pm and a few are on Sunday afternoon at 4pm. We ask each person attending to make a donation of $15, which all goes to the performer. Drinks and snacks are available and there's a donation kitty. You can also bring whatever you like for yourself or to share. Reservations are normally not required but we suggest you arrive about 10-20 minutes before show time for a good seat.

We feature some of acoustic music's greatest singer-songwriters, from all over the US and beyond, in a serious listening room. We often call this "Hard Listening" music, because the lyrics have something to say and are sure to make you think. You will rarely hear it on the radio - it's just too good.


"The Arms of Eden" located at 4030 N. Hwy 78, Wylie, Texas 75098.

That's about 4 miles east of where 544 crosses 78 and about 1.5 miles west of where 205 ends at 78. The driveway turns north off Hwy 78 between Platinum Storage and RD384, which is the road to Lake Lavon. Signs near the driveway on both sides of 78 say "Lavon Lake Dam Headquarters."  Numbers say "4030" on the post by the driveway, and when there's a show happening we put out a sign that says "House Concert."

CONSTRUCTION NOTE: The state is now widening Hwy 78 and has removed our mailbox and gate. To help you find our driveway we put red reflectors beside two of the barrels on the north side of 78. Coming east from Wylie they are on your left across from the "Lavon Lake Dam Headquarters" sign on the right. Coming west from 205, they are on your right, just past the other "Lake Lavon Dam Headquarters" sign. They are between RD384 and Platinum Storage, which is a very short distance. Do not turn onto RD384. Turn off 78 between the reflectors, through the dip, past the "House Concert" sign and up our driveway.


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by Linda M. Silas
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